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Ofrande animale în necropola Latene (B2-C1) de la Nădlac, Situl 7, judeţul Arad

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Excerpt The article aims at analysing the animal bones from offerings in five burials (cx. 12, 14, 27, 28, 34), dated in Latène B2-C1, uncovered at Nădlac (Arad County). Pig and chicken were chosen as food offering species. Parts of five pigs deposited in four graves (cx. 12, 14, 27, 34) and three chickens (cx. 28, 34). Except for cx. 34, which contained bones from four individuals (two chickens and two pigs); in the
other cases there were remains from a single individual, pig or chicken. Only parts of the belts and limbs were used in case of the pig, and wings, drumsticks for chickens. The fragments of pig ribs may also be related to the detachment of the limbs from the chest. In the case of chickens, the right wings and a part of the chest were deposited in the cx. 34. In addition, the drumsticks of both specimens were deposited. A part of the right leg of a hen also appears within cx. 28. So, there were no whole fowls, only wings and drumsticks. It is interesting to have a portion of the fowl’s occipital, possibly from one of the two Passeriformes. To note the deposition in the tombs of high-nutrition parts of the species. Cutting traces were identified on some bones within cx. 12. They consist of fine cuts on the wing of the pig illium, probably for the detachment of the cox from the column; they also appear on the proximal humerus of the same specimen, to detach the bone from the scapular-humeral joint. With regard to the pig’ slaughtering, almost all individuals reached one year of age or slightly less; anyway, they had reached a certain body weight. Of the three fowl, two were adults and one subadult. The results of the osteological study on the Nădlac necropolis accords its attribution to the Celtic
world, by confirming the specific rules of animals used as offerings.
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