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Tezaurul monetar din secolul al XVII-lea descoperit la Ceanu Mare (jud. Cluj)

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Excerpt The seventeenth hoard discovered at Ceanu Mare (Cluj County).
In this article the coin hoard discovered in the village of Ceanu Mare (Cluj County) in 2016 is published. The hoard was found by chance and was handed over to the authorities, the coins being kept at the History Museum in Turda. The Ceanu Mare coin hoard comprises 440 silver coins from the 16th-17th centuries, the oldest coin being a Franconian thaler issued in 1544 and the latest – a Leopoldine thaler from 1698. After their identification, it became apparent that the coin hoard consisted of: a Transylvanian thaler; thalers and fifteen-kreutzer coins issued in the Holy Roman Empire; patagons minted in the Spanish Netherlands; silver ducats from the United Provinces of the Netherlands; French coins of the écu and ½ écu types; a Swiss thaler; Polish coins of the timpf and ort types; 1/6 thalers and eighteen-groschen coins minted by the Union of Brandenburg-Prussia, and a Swedish ort.
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